About Nichole Davison

I live in Northern California and have been playing around with Web Design since 1999. If you would like a quote on a web site or want to contact me feel free to use the contact page to get a hold of me or email me at ndavison@arenestudios.com.

My Skill Set:

  • Knowledge of various distros of Linux (Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Arch, Knoppix, Fedora, and others) and Windows (2000, XP, and 7) operating systems.
  • Knowledge of Bash Shell scripting.
  • Knowledge of SSH, SFTP, and SCP.
  • Knowledge of Apache.
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • Knowledge of Drupal.

About the Site

I have always enjoyed web design and development as a hobby So recently I thought I should put that hobby to good use and so I started Arene Studios to showcase my work and to blog about web design.

Why Arene Studios

The site name Arene comes from a Chemistry term for a special type of carbon ring structure that is very stable and I liked the idea of being associated with stable, structured, webdesign. Also the benzene molecule logo just looks really cool (hey you have to have style with your function).

What is under the Hood

Currently I am using the Drupal CMS for this website but I may end up recreating it using the rails framework as learning more about Ruby is one of my goals.

Giving Due Credit

This site is hosted by A2 Hosting. I picked them because they were one of the few hosts I could find that let you set up a mongrel cluster with apache for Ruby instead of using cgi also they host sites with PostgreSQL.

This site also has one font embedded via the CSS3 @fontfamily property. That font is the open source font Titillium by Accademia di Belle Arti Urbino.