New Theme for Drupal


I had a little project I was working on this week to fill in the portfolio section. and I thought it would be fun to turn it in to a Drupal theme. you can see the HTML and CSS in the portfolio section I named it Pink.

You can download a copy of it to use with your own Drupal blogs or projects as I am releasing it under the GPL license. I have included the psd files in the tarball in case anyone wants to change the graphics of the theme.

This theme has a css file called ie6.css that contains hack to get ie6 to render the alpha channels of 24 bit pngs. So if you want to use this theme and have it work for IE6 you will need to change the AlphaLoader Filter path in the ie6.css file to the full url of the png images on your server because it is a proprietary css declaration and Microsoft decided that it should rely on the location of the HTML page and not the location of the css file to find the pngs.

I will probably release versions of it for WordPress and Joomla in the future but just Drupal for now.

md5sum: dd22b6a1041be4f571df8ffcb26e5462