Site up and running


I finally got the site up and running and all the kinks worked out of the custom Drupal theme. It took a little longer than thought it would but Drupal despite the steep learning curve is very customizable. I was even able to get my cool stretched out carbon atom links at the top.

I also added a some new fun CSS3 design features to the site like the rounded boxes. You can't see them in Internet Explorer but if you use either Firefox Opera or Safari you should be able to see them. In IE the design degrades gracefully leaving you with your average square box. I probably will write an IE hack later as rounded corners look better.

I also used the new @fontfamily CSS property for embedding fonts. You may have noticed that the titles and top links were using a different font and this had been done without the use of photo editing software. This one is great because it can reduce the amount of time it takes to load a page as image files can be large. Also amazingly IE supports this feature as well as more standards compliant browsers. If you want to read more about embedding fonts there is an excellent article here.

I also need to start putting up some of my old work in a portfolio section.